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Post by Shirii on Sun Jul 22, 2018 8:41 pm

For many, the U.A. Entrance Exam is the highlight of their lives. The place it all begins. The start of their mark on the world.

For some, the U.A. Entrance Exam is their greatest failure; the stain on an otherwise perfect legacy.

The day has come. Results are electronically delivered now, or sent by mail - just depending on what the recipient prefers. Everyone is on the edge of their seat. A beautiful white letter adorned with red and gold ribbons falls through, or perhaps your phone dings in your quivering hands.

Rank - Name - Ruby/Sapphire/Emerald Points - Time

1. Shinobu - 15/0/0 - 14:53:45
2. Chizue - 0/0/15 - 19:27:33
8. Yuri - 0/15/0 - 28:19.43
11. Takuya - 6/9/0 - 36:00:00
14. Shizuka - 9/6/0 - 39:23.50
17. Hinata - 4/6/5 - 42:31.09
20. Izumi - 0/15/0 - 44:44:43
23. Rihan - 5/6/1 - 47:09.21
27. Ryder - 7/3/5 - 51:23:00
29. Virtua - 4/6/5 - 51:39.39
31. Yuuki - 7/3/5 - 54:49:00
32. Keiji - 3/3/10 - 56:11.82
35. Miguel - 6/9/0 - 58:59.23
36. Shirizu - 9/15/15 - 59:58:82

You've made it. Perhaps soaring above the competition, or perhaps by the skin of your teeth. But enough about that. How do you feel?

[ If you did not participate, you may select any ranking you wish that is not taken alongside a fitting time and post your reaction regardless. ]

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Post by Doggo on Mon Jul 23, 2018 4:48 am

It had been some days since the entrance exam. Shinobu was eagerly awaiting the news to come or rather he would have been. He was still recovering from the Red Riot Challenge he'd partaken in the day after the exam. The boy had been texting Hinata off and on over the days but no more challenges had come forth yet due to the need for the stomach to settle from the overwhelming power of chili dogs. Today he was finally feeling pretty alright. He'd actually been hungry in the morning, that was a good start. He'd even gone for a morning run, a common habit that had been interrupted the last few days due to discomfort.

The boy was at home, lying down on the family sofa with his phone on his chest. The TV was on but Shinobu was hardly watching it. Nothing was on, and that went for both the channels and the cat boy himself. He never wore clothes at home since all they ever did was cling to him from the static which annoyed him greatly. He put up with it so as to be decent out and about but at home he saw no need to bother himself. His family had long since gotten used to it. His oldest brother was away at college but his other brother and parents were both around, doing whatever. It was a whatever day really. But something changed that all at once.

His phone buzzed, interrupting his vegging out. He picked it up with a hand expecting it to be one of Hinata's overly eccentric texts about something or others. The boy either didn't get texting or it was the only place he could actually express himself very well. Either way Shinobu thought it was weird but also endearing so he neglected to ever comment on it. But this was not Hinata. It wasn't a friend from junior high. It wasn't family. It was something that all at once turned the whatever day into the day of his life. A text from U.A. The results were in.

He practically shouted as he shot up and tapped rapidly at his phone to get to the message. It drew the attention of his family members who began slowing moving into the living room to see what was going on. Shinobu's eyes were locked on his phone as he poured over the lines of the message. His heart skipped a beat when he read that he had passed and would be admitted into the U.A. Hero Course. He'd expected it but seeing it confirmed filled with him excitement. That was until he saw his ranking in the exam. He was first place. No one had been faster than him.

"Nooooooooooo!" he whined as he slouched back into the couch.

"Shinobu what is it?" his mother inquired with a worried tone.

"It's U.A.. I got in." he said, his frustration still dominating the tone of his words.

"What?! That's amazing news what's wrong with that?" his father chimed in, understandably confused.

"I got first place. No one was faster than me. I'm never gonna get a good challenge at a race at school" he continued, shifting over to pouting. Running was one of his favorite activities and something he'd love to actually have a worthy rival in. But if he was first place that meant no one in his class had a mobility quirk that could keep up with him. He'd still run. Nothing was going to change that. But the idea he would never have to go all out to be faster than someone made him sad. This was met with a playful punch from his brother, which resulted in a shock but both were so used to it by this point that neither really flinched.

"You idiot, you made it into U.A. and you were first. We should be celebrating!" he said, thinking his brother a fool to fixate on something so dumb. Shinobu sighed before responding.

"Yeah I guess." he said before his family rushed into a group hug, congratulating him on making it. That evening they had a celebratory feast which the feline nearly had to excuse himself from, unsure if he really wanted food back in his life so soon. They video called his oldest brother at university as well to let him in on the good news. Shinobu's mother was frantically informing every extended family member she could think of through the night. His father's pride in him really felt good though. All his life his parents had been worried for him. Unsure what to do with his quirk and if he'd really be able to live the life he wanted. So long as that life had been being a pro soccer player it seemed unlikely. But now that he was set on being a hero and U.A. had accepted him, there was a peace that entered the Katou home. Everyone could feel it. Shinobu was largely happy. A touch disappointed about the speed thing true but it didn't mean much. He could have come in last and this feeling of closeness to the people he loved would have come all the same.

Eventually he'd shoot a text off to Hinata, looking to celebrate with his friend. "Yo duuuude. We did it!" it read. He would have sent something to this effect immediately but he didn't want to interrupt whatever celebrating the boy would be doing with his family. It was an incredible day. One he would never forget. And the last thing he was going to do was mess up that feeling for someone else.


Izumi had been a bundle of nerves for some time now. No amount of calm explanation or reassurances could entirely assure her she'd make it into U.A. Not until she saw the official acceptance notification. The girl had opted out of the digital notification, instead choosing to receive notice through the mail. And so every day around the time the mail would be deliver her heart raced. Her aunt or uncle would come in with the mail, tell her there was nothing for her, then encourage her to relax a bit or she'd give herself a heart attack. The process would repeat the next day. And the next day. And so on into eternity or so it felt to the anxious girl.

The wait was ultimately not nearly so long as it felt in Izumi's mind. The mail had arrived but this time with a letter addressed to her. A white letter, adorned with ribbons of gold and red. It was very obvious that U.A. had sent it and the girl nearly tore the whole thing in half attempting to open the envelope in a hurry. She analyzed every word with the scrutiny of an English professor, looking for some deep meaning to it all. But what she was met with was the simple affirmation that she had passed the exam and ranked twentieth out of thirty-six. A flood of relief came over her as she read the words that she was now accepted into the Hero Course. While many had indeed been faster than her, about as many had finished later. She felt silly for every having worried so much. Hindsight made her look silly for being so worked up. There shouldn't have ever been a question in her mind.

She quickly went about showing her aunt, uncle and little sister, sharing the good news that she had made it. They all congratulated her as she began to cry. She could keep her promise now. It was going to be hard but she had made it in. Nothing was going to get in her way. She would change this world of heroes one way or another for the better. Outwardly it would seem like nothing more than tears of happiness and in a way they very much were. But at its heart the fear of failing to keep her promise to her father was lifting and it brought an incredible warmth to her heart. She could almost feel him nearby, watching her go.

This great news of course called for one thing. A shopping trip! She'd need new clothes and school supplies and more athletic gear. She wanted to have everything ready right away. And so the women of the household hit the mall, spending the better part of the afternoon moving from shop to shop, securing every little thing Izumi could think of needing for school. Her mind was racing, not with anxiety but now with plans and aspirations. She knew just how she was going to make a good first impression in class and how she would begin building relationships with the teachers. She'd branch out to reaching out to various pro agencies looking to establish internship opportunities with high profile rescue focused heroes across her years at the school. It all felt so perfect in her mind.

Night came and she continued this happy march of thoughts well into the midnight hours. Her dreams even seemed to reflect her endless goals and plans for the coming school year. The simple message of being accepted had filled her life with a sense of power and ability to change the world around her she had never felt before. She could do anything. That was what this day meant. Now was only the beginning of everything.

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Post by Best Girl on Mon Jul 23, 2018 5:39 am

"The time has come." The current leading figure of the Victoria clan spoke - Vivi and Gladia's grandfather: Mikazuchi. He was a dark, tan, tall, and intimidating warlord who wore nothing but black and blue robes with a sheathed blade always nearby - not necessarily at his hip - when he traversed the clan's residence. His long white hair and matching, lengthy beard did nothing but help paint the image of a veteran of the sword, as marked by his sharp red eyes. Those in the bloodline dared not to oppose a man who has seen his fair share of action and can still dish out pain like none other. It was a shame he was never a hero, as talk of his skill illustrated he could've contented with the golden generation in his prime. Alas, the destiny of a new generation was in the hands of Gladia - who had become a successful hero aiming to restore glory to the ideal of heroism along with Virtua, the girl blessed with Heaven's Length. The latter still had a ways to go and her wish was to become a champion of justice just like her idol and her sister, meaning her getting into U.A. academy was critical to the entirety of the clan. To say the pressure was on was an understatement... Expectations were metaphorically breaking Virtua's back and could easily physically break it with how much was coming from this. The heiress made a wish and that desire will lead the clan toward a new direction, and if she failed... Contempt was the least of her worries - she wouldn't be surprised if they outright exiled her. Thankfully, Gladia didn't believe they'd do anything of the sort.

In fact, Gladia and her father took their positions in the gathering hell, the redhead in uniform while her sleazy parent was actually putting effort into being attentive. "You think your gut feeling is still true?" He inquired of his eldest daughter who continued looking resolutely and confidently forward. The other day, Tyr had taken her sister out to lunch under the assumption she had passed without needing to see the results. This sparked some confusion from him and other clansmen, but...

"I do not think so, I know so." Absoluteness radiated in the warrioress' tone, needing not even look to her father to convey the assurance she spoke. Others who heard her speak stopped their chattering of a potential fail or worry of what would befall them if the heiress could not succeed. It is because they believed in the word of the swordswoman as much as the clan's head, revering her as the strongest warrior this generation. With such prestige, raw talent, and strong discipline, the words of the war goddess were not ot be taken lightly.

Virtua sat upon a comfortable red cushion, her knees pressed to the soft surface as she was dressed in her black school uniform. Sweat pelted her brow and anxiety twisted knots in her stomach, feeling extremely close to death - actually floating in a very terrifying limbo depending on what the letter said. While initially confident after completing the entrance exam, she didn't at all take in the fact that it was still the first thirty six to succeed, meaning just because she finished did not at all mean she was guaranteed in. Her orange eyes subtly darted about, feeling as if she was in a room filled with trap-set daggers rather than people the way her family stared. The only two who were not visualized in such a way were her sister who loved her unconditionally and her father. Though, her stress was relieved when she read her dad's lips as he responded to Gladia: "Okay, because I believe too." Their father was one of the greatest example of heroism's downfall and one of the main reasons Gladia became a hero, so for a man of such lazy content and complacency to shine with real belief again... It lit up her heart in the darkness of the tense atmosphere.

One of the lowly clansmen brought the letter to Mikazuchi's side, which he took and announced: "I am now opening the key to Virtua's future that she decided on, or the key to confusion for our generation. ... My dear granddaughter... I hope you have performed in a way you are proud of." His words weren't meant to instill fear and doubt in the girl, but instead for her to reflect on her performance. While she was definitely slow, she helped the boy 'Thunder Ryuu' to her fullest extent and defeated a pro hero with a super move while rescuing numerous others... Thanks to him suggesting she ponder this, the heiress felt she had no regrets - doing what she felt was right while still trying to the best of her ability. Hopefully everyone else would see that as well...

That left the moment of truth as the envelope was smoothly sliced and peeled open. Taking out the sheet of paper, Mikazuchi read in silence and it was the longest bout of stillness anyone in there has felt in a long time. Vivi held her breath instinctively, clenching her fists as her body tensed up with preparedness and anxiousness. The elder's expression never changed, not showing joy or fury, disdain nor pride. Eventually, the girl couldn't take the suspense any more and shut her eyes out of dread. "The blade." Mikazuchi commanded, calling for a subordinate to hand him a sword and sheathe. Though it was not his, he expertly slide it from its casing and brandished steel, letting it gleam in the light. Then, soft footsteps closed in on the heiress. If Vivi didn't know any better, hearing that would have made her think this would be an execution for failing and she would be removed from her clan seat on the spot in... a very radical way.

That was only her imagination though.

The blade gently tapped her shoulder, bringing her eyes to open as she looked up to her grandfather's face.

He was smiling.

"Today marks the day where young Virtua shall begin walking the path of a hero. May the blessings of the sword be with her." He announced her passing, which excited the audience with quiet applause and gleeful gasping. Gladia and her father had wide grins, letting Gladia bask in the glory of being right while moving toward their little heroine-in-the-making to congratulate her. Vivi's own mouth was left agape for only an instant before being replaced with immense happiness, feeling tears stream down her cheeks out of joy as Mikazuchi gifted her the sword. "I'm proud of you." Never mind she was the bottom of the twenty-rankings, having a godawful time and nearly being one of the dead last in place, they were all happy enough she made it in and finally, finally put aside their disdain to truly welcome their heir with warmth.

A new chapter of Heaven's Length will be written by her hand.
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Post by TrueLily on Mon Jul 23, 2018 5:47 am

Shizuka sat on the floor in her room. Despite the time of day, she'd yet to change out of her comfy, loose-fitting, pink pajamas. A couple of her cats were curled up on her lap, while another tiny kitten sat on her head, and a fourth, much larger cat, sat next to her, rubbing against her affectionately. However, she payed no mind her feline companions swarming her, as she was on a mission. She'd spent the morning playing Last Legend CXCVII, the latest installment in the long running Last Legend RPG series made by HardCircle. She'd already beaten the 93 hour main story, of course. And she'd taken care of most of the additional 104 hours of side content, too. But she still had one last thing to take care of: the optional superboss. It was a long, grueling task. The boss had 70 trillion HP, after all. For a skilled player, the fight was said to take about three hours to complete. But now Shizuka had ground through all of that. She'd been at it for hours, but she was almost there; the beast's health had been reduced to a matter of mere hundreds of thousands. At any moment, she would be victorious, and she could finally put this game to rest.

Then, she heard a loud ding from her phone. The sudden noise, piercing her laser-focused concentration, completely startled her, causing her to jump and let out a yelp. The sudden movement stirred the cats in her lap, and caused the kitten on her head to nearly get thrown off, scrambling frantically to stay on, before harmlessly falling onto Shizuka's bed behind her. She looked around hurriedly for her phone, momentarily forgetting about the game, and found it lying on her bed. Could this be what she thought it was? As she opened her phone, her poor, inactive party was torn to shreds by the superboss behind her. Well. There went the last three hours. Shizuka scarcely noticed, however; she was far too fixated on the message she'd received.

She'd made it. In fact, she'd done quite well. Not only that, Izumi had made it too. She kept reading the message over and over again, to make sure she had it right. Even though she had been so confident of her success just days ago, so optimistic and certain that nothing could possibly go wrong, seeing it laid out in front of her broke something inside of her. Like a dam holding back her worries, allowing her to continue along with blithe cheerfulness, that had just ruptured and allowed all the feelings she hadn't been willing to feel finally be realized. Tears started to well up in her eyes - tears of pure happiness - and then began to fall, splashing on her phone screen and her bed. Sniffling, she suddenly stood up, causing the cats in her lap to leap out, while she picked up the big cat at her side and hugged him, "Ahhh! I did it, Reo-chan!" she told the cat, "Did you hear that? I got in! I got in!"

"Meow," Reo said.

Shizuka was practically jumping for joy now, but she let her cat go. She immediately returned to her phone, and scrolled through her contacts to find Izumi.

"o(≧∇≦o) Izumi-chan!!! Did you see?!
(๑˃̵ᴗ˂̵)و We both made it!!! I knew we would!!! ೕ(˃̵ᴗ˂̵ ๑)
Let's keep going and be the best heroes ever!!!"

She might have put a bit too much excitement into the message, but it was the only way she could possibly express how happy she was at that moment.

A moment later, she received a reply.

"I knew you were right, I just couldn't stop worrying."

With that out of the way, Shizuka ran from her room, tears still streaming from her eyes, "Mom! Dad!" she called, as she bolted into the living room where her parents sat. "I did it! I did it!" she screamed, shoving her phone in their faces.

"Did what, honey?" Shizuka's mom asked, trying to read the tiny text on her phone. Knowing her daughter, odds were even she was talking about some big important event, or just beating that game she'd been playing so much.

"I got accepted into U.A.! I passed the entrance exam! I'm gonna be a hero!" she cheered, pointing vigorously at her time and score, "I actually did it! Isn't that amazing!?"

Suddenly, her parents both pulled her into a hug, congratulating her and telling her how proud they both were of her. She'd already come so far from the shy little girl she was a few years ago, and now she was on her way to being a proud, noble hero that everyone could look up to. At least, that's how they saw it. To celebrate, they insisted on going somewhere nice to eat - just not sushi, Shizuka insisted - and spent the rest of the day celebrating and having fun out on the town. Shizuka spent a great deal of time telling all of her middle school and internet friends about the good news, and she was met with an overwhelming tide of congratulations and support. Last Legend CXCVII could wait. This was the best day of Shizuka's life.


Yuri had been lying on her front lawn, basking in the morning sun, with a book in hand, when it happened. The mail was delivered, and with it, something to catch her attention: a highly ornate envelope. She got up to take a closer look, and her suspicions were confirmed; the letter was from the U.A. admissions board. This letter would dictate Yuri's fate going forward. Despite her normal confidence, the sight of the letter clenched her heart with a sudden, abnormal nervousness. What if, by pure chance, the applicants this year were more amazing than even her? What if a whole 36 people had somehow managed to beat her time?

No, no, that was silly. Wasn't it? There was no way. It must have just been her nerves getting to her. Still, she found herself unable to open the letter. She paced around the yard, staring at the letter in her hands. "Come on, Yuri..." she muttered to herself, "You have to open it sometime. Just staring isn't going to change what's inside." But, even though she said that, her nerves still took hold of her, and refused to let her look inside. Finally, more than ten minutes later, she got tired of pacing. She stopped in her place, then took a deep breath, and tore the letter open. She read the letter, muttering aloud as her eyes scanned the paper, before coming to the relevant information. Not only had she passed, she'd performed excellently. Letting out a sigh of relief, she collapsed onto the ground. "Ha... of course," she said to herself, suddenly laughing, "what else was I expecting? Of course I got in. Eighth place, too. And under less than ideal circumstances. Amazing as always Yuri," she boasted, metaphorically patting herself on the back. Now that she had seen the results, her normal overabundant self confidence had returned. Now that her composure had been regained, she rushed back inside, proudly holding the letter above her head, showing her parents the good news.

Her parents broke down into joyful tears and the family embraced. It was like a dream come true. Yuri was finally going to U.A.. Her parents were about to see their little girl start her journey to become some amazing hero. They just knew she would be. Yuri knew it too. She may have only gotten eighth, which was still a good spot, but she knew she would have gotten even higher had the test not limited her abilities the way they did. She knew she had the potential to make an even better showing going forward, and she wanted everyone at U.A. - no, everyone in general, to see how amazing she would eventually become.

Through the rest of the day, Yuri couldn't help but keep reading the letter over and over again. She familiarized herself with all the names, and scores, and times. These were the people she'd be going to school with, after all. And, if she really wanted to show everyone how amazing she was, these were the people she'd have to upstage. Especially the seven people who finished faster than her. Also of note were the people at the bottom of the list though. She smirked when she first noticed that that kid, Keiji, had indeed managed to just barely scrape by and make it in. He seemed nice enough, and she was glad to see him in, but that was at least partially because he seemed like he was plenty of fun to tease. Yuri also made sure to familiarize herself with the rest of the 50+ minute "underachievers" who just barely made it in. They, too, would likely be excellent targets to tease, if their performance at the entrance exams was any indication.

Yuri's future was certainly looking bright. U.A. would be full of interesting faces to meet, and she was excited just thinking about it. Now was her chance. "Look out, U.A." she said, "it's my time to shine."

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Post by Jello on Mon Jul 23, 2018 6:47 am

It was just past noon and for the second time today, Hinata was waking up to the sound of obnoxious noises reverberating in the halls of his household. Whatever was going on was making enough ruckus to not only rouse Hinata from bed but also force him to get dressed and come out of his room. The feeling of chili dog churning around in his stomach made him feel sick for a few minutes, making him pause at the bedside before continuing through the daily routine. Comfortable pants, t-shirt and socks. He let out a brief sigh, exiting his room and coming out into the upstairs hallway as he heard a sound.

"Hinata! Come down here quickly!" It was the hurried voice of his mother. He furrowed his brow, wondering what the commotion was. He was almost in a panic, wondering if she got stuck or fell down or what other possibly negative things could have taken place. It would've explained the noise. As he rushed down the stairs into the foyer and took a glance to his right, he saw seated at a neatly decorated dining room table with tablecloth, decorations, cake and all, his family. He blinked a couple of times as his mother sat there in her wheelchair with a pleasant smile on her face. In her hand was an already opened envelope with the letters UA embroidered on it. Hinata's eyes visibly widened for a moment as he took a few steps forward.

"Congratulations honey, I'm so so so proud of you." Hinata's mother wheeled forward a bit, putting the envelope out into his reach. He gently took it from her and pulled out the paper inside, reading it's contents. Hinata's eyes scanned the paper at least four or five times as if he was misreading something or missed what the big fuss was about, the contents of the letter seemingly going over his head. It was his score lined up against the other scores of students who participated in the opening exam. What more was there to say? It didn't seem real. When he tore his gaze away from the envelope to look back his mother already had her arms out and gently pulled her son in a warm embrace. "I knew you could it, Hinata. Number 17 isn't that bad at all! You made it to the top half! Your father and I are supporting you all the way, okay? Don't ever hesitate to ask us for help or anything." Hinata blinked a few more times, wanting to feel embarrassed but in reality only feeling happy.

He ate a large chocolate cake with his family, as basic as it was. It was a small celebration, though his mother whined that she would have rather waited another weekend to make it a bigger event. Hinata's father said this was plenty enough and Hinata chimed in briefly that he was happy with just this. His sisters prodded and poked at him but his seeming vacant expression didn't give to their incessant teasing and jeering. Nothing they said were going to bring down his walls. A brief exchange of plans later and Hinata was heading back up to his room after giving his affirmation to his parents that he would do his best at UA. His mother was nearly in tears and his father had a smile that said "go shake the foundations of the world." The sky was the limit.


As he shut the door to his bedroom behind him, he leaned up against it tightly. He felt his teeth digging into his bottom lip. A text blinked onto the screen of his phone from Shinobu, celebrating their victory for the both of them. In Hinata's other hand, his nails dug into the envelope with the results of the UA Entrance Exam. "... Number 17." He felt his gut wrench harder than it did this morning as he slid against the door to his bedroom and sunk to the carpet floor. He looked at the letter again, seeing Shinobu at the shiny number one place. What was Hinata supposed to think? Whatever it was he wasn't happy about it. The warmth that made his heart swell with pride all but dissipated now that he was alone again, staring at the envelope. Envy soured his mood as he tossed his phone onto his bed and crumpled the UA entrance exam paper and threw it on his desk. He flopped onto his bed, arms spread out as he stared up at the ceiling. There was some kind of bitterness in him now, or perhaps it was a stunning overload of determination that flooded him from everywhere at once. Whatever the swelling emotions were, he knew what his goals were now.

Number 17 isn't that bad at all!

"I'll become the Number 1 Hero someday, mom. Watch me." He shut his eyes and took a few deep breaths, calming his nerves before carrying on with the remainder of his day as positively as he could.

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Post by Nova Major on Mon Jul 23, 2018 7:24 am

The days after the entrance exam, Miguel allowed himself to rest as much as he could. The ammount of exercise he did that day exceeded the usual ammount he does. Which is close to zero, actually. One part of him knew that he needed that rest, as the life of a hero in training would give him no time to take a break. However, the other part recognized that, as he finished way to close to the time limit, there was a pretty big chance that he failed the exam. And that, as pretty much anything physically or psycologically demanding that he faced to this very day, was eating him from the inside. He didn't like that.

During those days, every time the subject of the exam and his performance came into a conversation with any of his family members, Miguel rushed to cut it. He told them how he thought it went for him, not delving into details because why the hell not. The less they knew, the better for him. Not even his parents knew the full details, much less his cousins, uncles, aunts, or even pets. His sister, well, she sort of knew more than them. Laura knew that it was in a maze, that he rescued three people, and that's it.  

The whole idea of not talking about the exam made him feel free for some reason. Leaving everything as a 'surprise' turned to be way more attractive than sit on the middle of his room to analyze what he did, how he did it and how he could've done it better. That 'ignorance is bliss' attitude could only get him so far, as he wasn't really prepared for when the results eventually came. And when they did, oh boy.

It was a normal sunny day in the main Estrata household. Usually, the whole family (Mother, father, and his 3 siblings) is out dealing with some broken building that got badly damaged in a battle heroes vs villains, and given that the government was to lazy or didn't see any use on recovering said building, they got called to deal with the controlled demolitions and whatnot. Not that Miguel enjoys it, but they take him with them as those working times are their 'family time', or so they call it. He likes the idea, not the working (And eventually destructive) part. Why is it important to know this? Well, today everyone was on the house.

As usual, Miguel got called to go and take out the trash. As he normally would when doing this, he left his cracked but still functioning phone on the kitchen, trusting that none of his siblings would pick it up and check it. He knew he was expecting way too much of them, so he blocked it with a password for good measure. Little did he knew that his older sister, who happened to be passing down the hallway, not only listened to the phone vibrate as a new message came, but also knew very well all the possible passwords the young man used, was using, and will use in the coming future. What a nice family. Miguel was finishing with his chore when something close to a loud howl coming from his house nearly made him lose his footing. 'Oh no!' He thought.

He came into his home running. 'What happened!? Did Daniel eat a wrench again!?' Miguel shouted, hoping that nothing close to that actually happened. Last time it did was a complete disaster. 'I told you to put it back once you finished using it, for the love of-!!'. He stopped short, once he noticed that his whole family was reunited on the kitchen. His mother, his father and his little twin brothers surrounded his sister, who was in fact holding his phone and reading one of his messages. 'H-Hey!! What do you think you're doing!?' He walked towards them, clearly furious at such disrespect at his privacy. The young man then snatched his phone back from his sister's hand. 'I don't know how did you guess my password, but if I block it it's for a reason!'. They didn't react how he expected them to do - No teasing, no bad jokes, not even a simple laugh. All they did was turn to face him, with his sister telling him something he didn't dream to hear not even once in his entire lifetime.

'You got in'.

'Yeah, yeah! You and I are going to talk later about not touching my stu- Say what?'.

'U.A. Miguel' Said his mother. 'You got into U.A.'.

'Miguel is now a hero?' Asked him twin brothers in unison to his father, who was as surprised as everyone was.

'L-Looks like it' He answered. 'You passed son. Thats what the message says, anyways. How do you feel?'.

Miguel remained calm during all this, letting out a simple response after all his family said something. 'Oh. I see'. He then placed his phone on a nearby table, not bothering to block it once again, and proceeded to leave the kitchen. 'If you excuse me, I think I need to take a walk'.

The following minutes, the whole family was treated to the sight of the young man exiting their house and then proceeding to run around it for around 1 minute and 30 seconds, all while shouting 'I DID IT!' with all his might. This was particularly scary for his neighboors and any passerby unlucky enough to be passing near the Estrata house. 'Is big brother crazy?' The twin kids asked again, worried about the wellbeing of his older sibling. 'He might as well be, kids. He might as well be' Answered his father, sporting a big smile. While his decision to become a hero didn't sit well with him in the beginning, at least he knew he could rest well knowing that his son managed to take the right first step into fulfilling his dream. As Mr. Estrata took his also happy wife in a tender embrace, and the kids looked at each other way more confused than before thanks to that answer, Miguel's sister Laura picked the phone from the table in order to see the rest of the message. They were so surprised at the fact that he managed to enter U.A. in the first place that they forgot to read the entire thing.

Laura scrolled down, interested in the fact that there was a ranking of the 36 students that got into the academy. 'Oh, look at this' She said after discovering the list. 'Let's see... Where's my little brother at... Maybe among the top 10'. The girl read through the whole ranking, looking for his brother's name and check what his position was. She was finishing the list when she finally saw the Estrata surname nearly at the end. Miguel ended up being the 35th. The 35th out of 36 students. He barely passed the exam. To say that she was not amused would be, of course, an understatement.

'WHAT THE F-!?'.

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Post by Masaru Hara on Fri Jul 27, 2018 12:34 pm

Oddly enough, for better or worse, the time after the entrance exams were calm, peaceful. Debatably, Kaito could say they were some of the best of his life. It was over. After all those years of practice and preparation, he'd gotten through the exam. Part of him didn't care anymore- Pass or fail, it didn't matter. He'd tried his damnedest, and everything from here on out was beyond his control. If he were slower than thirty-six other people, then there was simply nothing he could do about that. At some point he began to honestly believe those who failed wouldn't even be contacted. He'd heard of jobs where after an interview, if they weren't going to hire you they simply wouldn't contact you. Perhaps this was operating on the same system. If that were the case then that'd suck ass, but again, it'd be out of his control.

And yet that part of him was easily overshadowed. Fear, worry, anxiety, these feelings were oh-so very prevalent. This wasn't the end of his journey- This isn't where he wanted it to end. He had yet to become a hero. Yet to show the world what he was made of. What he could really do. Regardless of how seemingly useless a quirk was, there was something there, it could be used in a way befitting a hero. Looking back on it, it all began as a petty revenge-esque motivation. He wanted to get back at those who'd picked on him, mocked him, told him he'd never amount to anything. The pure desire to be a hero because he wanted to help others had become tainted at some point. Luckily, though, his time in Japan caused those lighthearted emotions to resurface. However, it was certainly thanks to those darker times that he aimed for something grandiose like U.A., and whether that was a boon or not had yet to be seen. Aim for the sun and he was bound to get burned.

But the burns never came. Just like the days prior, today had been quiet. His parents were currently both away at work, and his grandparents had gone away for a trip. With the large house to himself he was, as any sprightly teen should be... Lazing around. Laying idly in his bed while blasting music on his phone. Typically he'd have to keep headphones in as to not disturb anyone else in the household, but times where no one else inhabited the same space were easily the best for this reason alone. In his hands Kaito held a Mimtemdo Swap, what better way to kill time than some video games? He deserved a break from training with the exams out of the way.

"Hmm... I might be able to finish this mission this turn if I..." A strategy rpg, one of the newer Water Symbol games. In a way it was training, considering the thought that had to go into it. Of course, that excuse was simply what he told himself to not feel bad about slacking off. The boy's thought process was completely derailed as his music suddenly stopped for a few seconds,, before picking back up. That meant something or someone was attempting to get in contact with him. "Who the fuck thought it'd be a good idea to message me right now, it's like... Late, or something." It wasn't, at all, in fact. If anything this was around the time it was most reasonable to be reaching out to others. Planning events for the day and the like. Fact of the matter was, though, Kaito didn't really have anyone who would do that. Meaning it had to be someone in the family.

With a long and exaggerated sigh the teen set down the game console and began blindly slapping around at his side for his phone. He knew it was somewhere here, and he honestly couldn't be bothered to sit up. After a few pats at his futon, his fingers finally made contact with the cold glass of his phone screen... It was just out of reach to be able to just pick it up. Why was life so tough at the oddest times? Pressing down on the bit of screen he could, the boy slowly but surely began inching the device closer to the palm of his hand so he could properly carry it in front of his face. "I swear on god if this is a fuckin' spam mail or something."

A light press of his thumb against the home button caused the device to spring to life. The first thing displayed was the music player app he currently had running. No point in pausing that, a really fucking good song was playing. "How am I supposed to pause this." He shook his head lightly as his thumb navigated to the top of the screen, sliding down to open up the notification bar. Seems there was actually a pretty long backlog of things, ranging from mobile games he didn't touch anymore letting him know events were going on, to people he was subscribed to uploading new videos. Not that any of those mattered, though- Not relatively, at least.

Slowly, lazily, as if stunned, Kaito sat up. No amount of exhaustion or his current lack of motivation could stop his body from moving upwards. Was this real? He certainly wasn't a lucid dreamer as far as he was aware, so this would be a pretty unfair dream. Maybe he was already caught in their genjutsu? That thought didn't make much sense since there wasn't really a 'their' to pin this on. An email. Not just any email, not any of those dumbass newsletters he'd signed up for despite not caring for their contents. In the first place, it was addressed to his 'professional' address, meaning no matter what it was it likely warranted some level of attention. It'd arrived. Should they have been operating on the idea of not contacting those who'd failed, he'd have no way of finding out first hand.

5. Kaito - 15/0/0 - 25:27:29

Maybe there was another Kaito? No, that wouldn't explain why he got the message. There was no if's and's or but's to be brought to this discussion. He passed, and with flying colors. How in hell? Fifth out of thirty-six was no joke, if this were a prank it sure as hell wasn't a good one. How was he, the door opener, faster than thirty-one other people? It wasn't clicking. During the exam he was far too shaken to pay attention to how everyone else was doing, or how much time had passed. Thinking back on it he never confirmed just how long he'd taken after completing his exam. Up until now the assumption was that the entirety of the time was almost used. It seemed that wasn't the case at all, though. "Good shit past me, no clue how you did it..." Truth be told, he probably had something of a situational advantage, walls didn't mean much to him, after all. Dead ends were just another potential path. He kept that clear in mind when he was picking up those ruby points, knowing well that was his greatest chance at passing.

"Kaito Locke... You're goin' to U.A., fuck yeah." Saying it aloud to himself felt like it really cemented the truth of the situation. The music that had continued playing even now became noise in a far away background. This accomplishment, it was one he could live with for the rest of his life and be proud. He'd made it into the U.A. The very same place so many other amazing professional heroes had sprouted from. Sure it wasn't going to be any easier from here on out. The challenges wouldn't ever get easier... Those truths were things that the Locke had been prepared for for a long time. One last triumphant cry from the 16 year old rang through the household.

"Fuck yeah!"
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