Dagobah Beach Park

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Dagobah Beach Park Empty Dagobah Beach Park

Post by Shirii on Sat Jun 23, 2018 10:15 pm

Dagobah Beach Park A2UEpvE

A beautiful beach side resort. Once polluted by an obscene amount of rubbish, it was cleaned up by the legendary hero Deku in the midst of his training under All Might. Now, it stands as a popular tourist site as the beginnings of an exceptional hero. It is not at all uncommon for tourists to visit the beach, marvelling in standing where Deku once stood. Kids frolic on the sand and dance in the waves, the beautiful pristine sea glimmering like a jewel. A popular hang out spot for people of all ages, business pounced on the opportunity to cash in on the attention. Small cafes and shacks line the outskirts of the beach, leaving the middle open but with plenty of places to catch a nice refreshing snack or hang out in the shade. It is also a common romantic place for lovers - when the sun sets and the lamps light, casting the beach in a heart-stopping ethereal glow. One thing's for sure - don't ever miss out on visiting here.

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