Oooh yeah, brother! It's gym time! [Saikyou Gym][Open]

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Oooh yeah, brother! It's gym time! [Saikyou Gym][Open] Empty Oooh yeah, brother! It's gym time! [Saikyou Gym][Open]

Post by CMRenji on Sun Jul 22, 2018 11:45 pm

A bright new day had dawned in Musutafu. It was about 7:00 A.M. on the day after the entrance exam. Keiji’s cell phone alarm woke him up with a song.

“CUZ BABY YOU’RE A FIIIIREWORK! COME ON SH-“ He grabbed his phone and turned off his alarm. With a big yawn he greeted the day. He dragged himself out of bed and over to the bathroom. Keiji turned the sink faucet up cold and grabbed a big handful of water which he promptly splashed in his face.

“Ahhh ahh! Much better….” Now fully awake, he began his day. He took a quick shower and put on some clothes. A red tank top and some grey gym shorts were his choice for now. He ran downstairs to greet his sister.

“Here, Keiji, eat up!” She laid out a plate of eggs and sausage along with a glass of orange juice. "I just got a letter and it looks like you got in!" Keiji's face lit up. "Really?! Hmm... 32nd place? Hahaha, well looks I gotta improve huh?" With a smile on his face, he sat down and dove right into his breakfast. He wolfed it down pretty fast and chugged his OJ even faster. “Ahh, thanks, that hit the spot!” Keiji made a hurry to wash his dishes so he could get out as soon as possible.

“Hey, you’re going out so soon? Are you sure you’re not still sore or drained from yesterday?”

Keiji clapped his hand to show that his bruising had diminished. “I’m good, Minako. I just needed a good night’s sleep!” He grabbed a bottle of water and a small towel and started heading out. “I’m gonna be gone for a while. See ya later!” He shouted as he ran out the door.

The gym was several blocks away. “Hmm….” Keiji cupped his hand in front of himself and began manifesting his quirk. It shone for a moment until it erupted into a small fountain of yellow sparks in his hand. “These are so useless… so my candles are all I have to rely on for the time being. I really need to prepare my body when I get into UA, so that I can focus on my quirk.” Keiji decided that he’d try to spend his free time training and exercising to prepare for his potential future.

Keiji kept his quirk active the entirety of the trek to the gym. When he finally showed up, he was mildly only mildly sweaty and bothered. “I guess it makes sense that Sparklers don’t use up much energy.” He wiped some sweat from his forehead and walked inside the gym. It was quite big an very welcoming, with plenty of equipment to work with. “Hmm, what should I go for first?” The first thing he had seen was a row of ellipticals, so he got up and started ellipticalling. After about twenty minutes, he got off. “Phew, not too bad!” He grabbed the towel he had brought and wiped off his face, then took a swig of water. “Alright, got to keep it up!”

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